Sunday, February 10, 2008


This one I did about a month ago. On the lighter side. This is digital.  I am going to do a few traditional paintings in the next couple of months. The paints and pastels have been dusted off. 


Mark Meyers said...

Hey Robert, Great to see your new stuff!

CCarman said...

Hey Robert,

awesome work!! love the dragon piece. good to see you got a blog going.

nice to catch up a bit at WC.


Ivan M said...

Sweet! Looking nice, I'm liking the lighter of you!

... that sounded like a commercial tag line. Yoink!

I should join you, I haven't touched anything traditional aside from a pencil. Me bad. Paint good. Pastels good. Me dumb.

Betty said...

hey Robert!! great stuff, I'm glad I found your blog =)
nice work!
Chris and I are moving to Portland soon- you and wife still considering that too?

Ryan McCulloch said...

Love it! I had no idea it was digital. I really like this take on the classic.