Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pastel Horse Study

Here is my first official post. This is a study done in pastels. I picked up some Sennelier pastels in Paris last summer, with the intent to do more traditional painting. Well needless to say some months have gone by and they have collected quite a bit of dust. Finally, I broke them in. I almost forgot how good it feels to touch real media. Hopefully, I will do a few more in the coming year.


Duc said...

Looking good Robert!

C.B. Canga said...

This is amazing Robert. Love the movement and textures to this piece. Freaking awesome!

It was good kick'n it with you earlier today.

Look'n forward to seeing more of your work.


PS. I added you blog to my links

Dan Cooney said...

Well done Robert! Good to see you at the meeting yesterday.


e said...

Hey Robert,
Glad you started a blog, now we can finally see what you're up to. Awesome start, love the design elements.

BTW, this is Eric D from your summer heads and hands class =]

BARBA NERA said...


goran said...

Glad to see that your are illustrating again!!! And its awesome to be participating with you on the other blog. Here's to many more great pieces.

Frank said...

wow, cool work chief.
hope to see more.
just to let ya know,
the link from your website to here is broken.
hope all is well.